Meet the board

Get to know our board members and find out why they joined BFC!

I came to BFC because fighting food waste is my calling. I realized how passionate I was about this issue when I worked as a cook in a restaurant, in the summer of 2018. As the Chairwoman of BFC, I am responsible for the coordination of teams and projects. I organize and lead meetings and, together with the board, make sure that the organization gets the resources it needs to reach its goals. I also try to the best of my capabilities to make everyone in the team feel welcome and safe. I love being part of BFC because I do what I like while helping other people and myself. BFC makes my life meaningful. 

– Alba Sáez

I joined BFC because I wanted to help tackle the food waste issue. For me, being a member of BFC means contributing to  the community while working with friendly and amazing people. As the VICE chairwoman of BFC, among other things I am responsible for the integration of new volunteers and members.  

– Eugenia Mazzaferro,

I joined BFC during my Masters, in November 2018, and started picking up food for the markets. Now I’m leading Team Food Heroes, making it possible that we can host the market every week! I believe that small contributions make big changes. I’m very happy to contribute my share to society and to the organization.

– Kedar Joshi
Leader Team Food Heroes

I moved to Uppsala last year, and I was amazed by the work that BFC does for the city. I joined as a volunteer straight away because I believe that food waste is an urgent issue to tackle in order to build a more sustainable future. Currently, I am leading Team Education, which aims to raise awareness about this topic and to create a more active society. We organize events, workshops, and every week we publish recipes and interesting articles on our website.

– Maria Jesús Silva
Leader Team Education

 I’ve always had a big passion for environmental and social issues. Food waste is not only harming our planet but also exacerbates food insecurity. I think we have a responsibility to take better care of our resources, BFC’s markets and community engagement are great examples of how to do that. My goal for Team Communication this year is to reach out to even more people and spread the message further through our social media accounts. 

– Ida Englund
Leader Team Communications

I joined BFC in 2021 as volunteer. As the secretary I’m responsible for keeping all the members updated with the newsletter and I also participate in different events and projects. When I first came across BFC I was amazed by the effort that all the members put into the organization to minimize food waste. Hosting the market is my favorite part of being with BFC because I get to interact with the community and work alongside great individuals all aiming to make the world a better place. 

– Alaa

BFC inspires and motivates me, because the small changes we make here in Uppsala make me confident that we can tackle other big issues of our time on a global stage. I really hate wasting food, so BFC was the perfect match – plus the people are super kind! As the treasurer I take care of finances within BFC.

– Jakob