Save food, change the world!

Bruised Food Club – BFC

a non-profit organisation based in Uppsala, Sweden

Born out of a student project back in 2018, BFC is a volunteer-run organization with a big heart and big goals: contributing to a world without food waste and without hunger.  It does not sit right with us that these two things, food waste and hunger, coexist in our modern times. So, we decided to do something about it. 

Every week, we collect good, edible food that would otherwise be thrown away and offer it on a donation-based market. By our actions, we both involve consumers and the private sector alike to create societal change, not only by preventing food waste, but also by raising awareness on the problem 

Our partners are, for example, supermarkets and social services organisations that find themselves with food at the end of the day which would usually go to waste.

We are supported by Studieförbundet Bilda.

How things began…

… and where we are now.