BFC Market

Take what you want, pay what you can!

Below, you will find the locations of future markets! Is it your first time visiting? Scroll down to the guidelines for market attendants.

Every Friday, 15.45-17.00

Uppsala Stadsbibliotek (Svartbäcksgatan 17)

Every Sunday, 17.15-18:15

Baptistkyrkan (Dragarbrunnsgatan 54, Uppsala)

Our markets are donation-based. Take what you want, and pay what you can. Don’t forget to bring containers and bags!

You might find us at Ungdomens Hus when we
organise other events!

When you attend our markets, remember that…

Our markets are donation-based, which means you pay what you consider the food you took is worth. When queuing up for the market, please keep distance from others to minimise the spread of Covid. For hygiene reasons, please don’t touch any loose food items – we are happy to assist you with those. You can take as much food from the market as you can consume, however we ask you to be fair and think about the people coming after you. You are welcome to come back to the market at its closing time to take more food if there is any left. And don’t forget to bring bags and containers!

Get to know our food heroes!

I’m a Food Hero, which means that I make sure everything runs smoothly during the weekly market. Depending on the day, I’m in charge of the introductory speech, I take pictures for our social media or I help to serve the food. I really enjoy the social aspect of this, being able to meet and learn from the other volunteers as well as the people who attend the market. It’s amazing to be part of such a great community and feel like I’m actually making a change!

– Cèlia, Food Hero

I am a food hero, where I collect food from different suppliers. Also, depending on my schedule and availability, I’m helping with weighting and arranging food at the market. Volunteering here, I can make a greater impact by saving lots of food. I enjoy meeting people with similar opinions on food waste and the contribution to a better environment, and I am very much proud of it.

– Ranjith, Food Hero

You encounter food waste in your organisation?
We can help out!