Uppsala’s Solidarity Fridge!

Brainstorming fika gathering, May 19th 18:00 at Engelska Parken, Uppsala, Sweden

Join Bruised Food Club in a discussion about how we can bring Uppsala’s first Solidarity Fridge back!

How the project started

We started the Solidarity Fridge Project together with Zero Waste Uppsala, Dumpstrande Änglar and Ungdomens Hus (Uh) in September 2020. The fridge (and freezer!) was located at Ungdomens Hus and anybody could leave or take food during Uh’s opening hours. We also set up a cleaning schedule where members of the 4 organisations could sign up and maintain the fridge clean at all times. A Facebook group was created too, in an attempt to include all users of the Solidarity Fridge:

A fridge available for anyone to use as a food sharing initiative in Uppsala. It is located at Ungdomens Hus. Put something in, take something out, keep it clean and remember: bruised food is ok, spoiled food is not!

Description of the Facebook group by Alba Sáez, co-founder of Bruised Food Club
Uppsala Solidarity Fridge collage picture with bread, milk, cinnamon buns and satsuma.

Unfortunately, in April 2022, Uh informed us that the project had to end:

Ungdomens Hus will no longer be able to host the Solidarity Fridge.

This is due to UH being closed down for a couple of weeks by Livsmedelsinspektionen a little while back. The house is just up and running again but has had to say no to any further storage of food from other organizations than their own.

UH will clean, turn of and remove the fridge soon unfortunately.

Rasmus Nilsson, Uh representative
Join us to bring the Solidarity Fridge back!

A year has passed since then, and Bruised Food Club member Alba Sáez is organising a fika picnic on Friday to brainstorm possible ways of resuming this initiative. This is a global movement, with initiatives all over the world:

If you are interested in this project, join the fika gathering on Friday at 18:00 at Engelska Parken! You can also join the Facebook group or get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or email!

Post written by Alba Sáez, Chairperson of Bruised Food Club

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