Stopping Food Waste as a mission for today, tomorrow and the indefinite future

We often dedicate a specific day to things or topics that should actually be in the focus of attention throughout the whole year. Today, on the 26th of April, is Stop Food Waste Day and we want to celebrate it with you by explaining why the existence of this day is important and does not contradict but underline the fact of its subject, food waste, being present throughout the whole year and requiring continuous action.

Purpose of the Stop Food Waste Day

This special day has been brought to life in 2017 by Compass Group USA with the intention of dedicating it to the raising of awareness and fostering the exchange of practical advice on how to approach the global issue of food waste on an individual scale.

One third of all food produced globally is either lost or going to waste. This wasted food, in turn, is responsible for 8% of our yearly greenhouse gas emissions and 25% of it would be enough to nourish all 795 million people in the world who’s access to food doesn’t cover their needs. Considering these numbers, it is more than evident that food waste is a large-scale problem.

Unfortunately, this leads to many individuals thinking their actions aren’t more than a drop of water on a hot stone. The purpose of today’s Stop Food Waste Day is to convince people of the opposite and provide suitable tools to each other to contribute collectively to the change in the food system both we as humans and our planet need.

Some tools for you to form part of this process

Following the purpose of today, let me introduce you to the three main ideas of the Stop Food Waste Day extended by some personal recommendations on how to increase your contribution to reducing food waste.

1. Eliminate the root of the problem

Needless to say, the best way to minimize food waste is to not let it arise from the beginning.

  • Inform yourself about the ideal storage of different kinds of food!

This is often indicated on the packaging of food products and there are also very useful guides regarding fruits and vegetables. Check out this website for example!

  • Consider buying highly perishable food frozen!

It often even contains more nutrients in that way.

  • Plan ahead!
    • Check expiration dates to see which ingredients you should use earlier than others.
    • Aim to only buy what you really need and make sure you have enough space to store it properly.
    • Designing a food planner creatively can make the little extra effort of planning more fun.

2. From a single drop to a bucket of water

Upscale your impact by engaging with and inspiring others!

  • Participate in events like the ones we organize at BFC where we create a room for the exchange of thoughts about food waste.
  • Share information, your personal experiences and tips around food waste on social media (if you want, you can also use the #StopFoodWasteDay).

3. Repurposing – Get creative!

  • Throw vegetables and fruits that don’t look as appetizing anymore into the blender instead of the waste bin! This can create great smoothies, soups, etc.!
  • Make your own vegetable stock from stalks, leaves and peels you would usually throw out. Potato peels also make awesome chips!
  • Another way you can foster repurposing is to join BFC or visit our markets to help us redistribute food and give it a second life.

These easy tips might seem like they only have a small impact but if we all collectively implement them into our lives, we can make a big change.

However, it is also important to bear in mind that the mission of stopping food waste is a continuous one. The need for action will always persist as we have to keep raising awareness and educating people beyond generations to maintain and expand the improvements we are achieving step by step. Thus, today’s mission is actually our mission for today, tomorrow and the indefinite future.

From one important date to the next

Would you like to amplify your tool box for action by entering into exchange with others? Just in line with today’s mission, here’s another date you should mark in your calendar!

On the 10th of May we are organizing a movie night from 17:30 until 19:30 at Stadsbiblioteket (Mallas Sal). The documentary “Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story” will teach you more about the role each one of us plays as a consumer and form a great base for a lively discussion led by our volunteers and a food expert from Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU). The language of the event is English and entrance is free of charge.

If today’s Stop Food Waste Day and this blog post made you want to engage actively already before our movie night, don’t hesitate to share your favourite ways to contribute to minimizing food waste in the comments! Looking forward to reading your tips and hope to see many of you at the movie night!

Written by Theresa Gerstbrein

Published by bruisedfoodclubuppsala

Non-profit organisation that saves food, reduces food waste and hunger and promotes sustainable food consumption.

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