How to avoid food waste in restaurants? Our learnings from the Food Quest on Two Wheels! 

The Food Quest on Two Wheels (FQTW) was an educational bike circuit organized by Bruised Food Club that took place in late August, last year. Despite the unexpected rain and wind, our motivated participants were engaged in the games and quests we had prepared, which led them to get a broader picture of why and how food is being wasted along the supply chain. The circuit consisted of 4 stations related to food in different ways, one of them was at the restaurant The Kitchen Club.

According to Naturvårdsverket* (2020) the food waste generated by Swedish restaurants during 2018 was 73 000 tons, which is equivalent to 7 kilograms per person. During the FQTW, the participants had the mission to suggest food-reduction strategies at restaurants. Here, we want to share some of the solutions we got from the participants to tackle this problem. Some of the strategies suggested were at a large scale, such as the creation of new laws to encourage food donation. Using a lunch box to bring your potential leftovers was suggested as an option for customers, while some other strategies like making smaller portions with the option of refill was an idea to be implemented by the restaurant staff.

Below, we summarize some of the mentioned strategies:

Food waste reduction strategies at the restaurant level

Redistributing is certainly a way of avoiding food waste while at the same time feeding people, which often are in vulnerable circumstances. To start a collaboration between BFC and The Kitchen Club was one of the suggestions, and we are happy to announce that we are going to start working together to keep on fighting food waste in Uppsala. The restaurant will donate its unsold cooked food for us to redistribute in our markets. Awesome news! 

Written by Maria Jesus Silva

Published by bruisedfoodclubuppsala

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