Happy Anniversary BFC!

Hello everyone! 

Last month we celebrated another year of life. BFC was born as a student project 4 years ago but has been around as a non-profit organization for two years now. So that is what we are celebrating. We want to share with you parts of what we have lived over this time. 

Every Friday afternoon -and in the last months every Sunday-, come snow or sunshine, our food heroes have collected food surplus from our local suppliers. Today, we have 9 suppliers and thanks to these partnerships we have been able to save approximately 25 tons of food since we started measuring in November 2019. In terms of money, this is equivalent to around 8000 sek saved per market

Apart from our markets, we have organized many different activities to raise awareness about food waste and food sustainability, such as panel discussions, pub quizzes, food waste courses, workshops and lectures. Also, in September 2021 we launched our website. It is a great tool to present the organization and to engage people to fight food waste. We have shared over 30 blog posts, including recipes and educational articles. 

Along this journey we have had different homes: big thanks to Ungdomens hus and Idéhubben for providing us with a place to host our markets in the past few years. Today we are thrilled to tell you that we are starting to host our Friday markets at Stadsbiblioteket. 

Here we share with you some pictures and some thoughts about what it means to be involved in BFC from two of our volunteers. 

Celebrating our anniversary

One of our Fridays markets at Idéhubben

“BFC gives me a huge feeling of cooperating with the community. I think it is very powerful the impact we make, not just in our numbers and how much food we save, but also because it is a great moment of redistribution and I think people appreciate it a lot”

Isabel, BFC volunteer for the last two years

BFC trailer ready for a pick-up

“I really like picking up the food, you get a sense of how much food is wasted and a clear image of what you are doing to reduce it. While hosting the markets, it is great to hear the feedback from people, they are very grateful for what we are doing. For me personally it is a great way to have a direct impact locally on a big problem”

Mark, BFC volunteer for the last 3 years

Volunteer gathering at Ungdomens hus

Panel discussion, 2021

at our event Food Quest on Two Wheels

Save food, change the world!

Big thanks also to all our volunteers, members, suppliers and partner organizations for giving BFC another year of life. We will continue fighting food waste and hunger! 

Happy Anniversary BFC!

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Non-profit organisation that saves food, reduces food waste and hunger and promotes sustainable food consumption.

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