Happy new (BFC) year

Yesterday, on Saturday the 9th April BFC had the yearly meeting. The yearly meeting marks the beginning of a new BFC year where a new board is elected. Also, the goals and projects for the next year as well as the budget can be approved or rejected by the members.

In the past month the team leaders had asked their teams for suggestions of improvement and ideas for projects for the next year. With your feedback the board developed an action plan and also estimated the spendings in the budget plan. The action plan contains important information on operational activities that should ensure a smooth transition when team leaders change but also reflect the projects and changes that the members want to see at BFC. In the action plan that was approved yesterday for 2022 we want to improve and strengthen the organization and team identity, engage in sustainability events in Sweden, advocate for political changes and improve and define our social media style. Further, we plan a big event in the summer that is called “Food Quest on two wheels” where people bike through the city and when they stop at one of the BFC stations they can solve interactive quests about food waste. There are many more exciting plans for the next year and of course you can still present your project idea to your team leader and work on it. To get access to the complete action plan and budget please contact us or directly talk to you team leader.

We also looked back at a very successful year 2021. With many cool projects such as the art contest and the panel discussion, almost 2000 followers on Facebook and amazing 8 tons of food saved. You can read more on this in our Impact Report. We are very grateful to grow as an organization and would like to thank all our volunteers that made all this possible.

We asked Zero Waste Uppsala to review our financial statement and Mira kindly agreed to be our auditor. She spotted a small calculation error that Jorrit could fix on the spot and otherwise confirmed our trusty handling of the BFC finances in 2021. Therefore, there were no objections to discharge the board of the liability for the period to which the audit relates. Also, the membership fees stay the same for the next year which is 20kr for volunteers and 100kr for non-volunteers.

Last but not least a new board was elected. And here are the results:

  • Chairperson: Alba Saez
  • Vice chair: Eugenia Mazzaferro
  • Treasurer: Jakob Beise
  • Secretary: Alaa Osman Mahmud
  • Team Leader Food Heroes: Kedar Joshi
  • Team Leader Communication: Ida Englund
  • Team Leader Education: Maria Jesus Silva
  • Nomination Committee: Aland Khalid

We wish them all the best and are excited to start a new BFC year with them.

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Non-profit organisation that saves food, reduces food waste and hunger and promotes sustainable food consumption.

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