The best truffles with just 2 ingredients

I have done this recipe many many times and every single one of them people get astonished by how tasty and how cheap my truffles are.  I find it amazing how many combinations one can make by just combining different baseline ingredients.

You basically need 2 ingredients:
1 jar of Nutella
(or any other type of similar cream: white? almond butter? Your choice! I have tried the recipe with peanut butter, and it was very successful)
1 package of biscuits (any type. You can also use leftover from cake or mix different types of cookies/filled cookies/oatmeal together)


  1. Smash the biscuits so they become crumbles. You can do this by breaking them into a bowl and then pressing them with your fists.
  2. Pure the Nutella in the bowl and mix it well with the crumbs. Now is your chance to wear gloves and apply pressure again so that all big pieces are smashed.
  3. Leave the mixture for 1-2 hours in the fridge. You know it is ready to be taken out when it doesn’t get sticky if you try to make it into a ball.
  4. Make the mixture into small balls with your hands. The truffles are ready!!!

Optional: although they are delicious on their one you can cover them with anything you like: truffle, sugar powder, cacao or even some of the cookie crumbs left. In the mixture you can also add small pieces of any chocolate or any kind of nut you have at your disposal.  It’s better to store them in fridge if its hot outside otherwise they may become too soft.

Feel free to improvise and enjoy!!!

Written by Maria Deligianni
Foto by
(creative common licence)

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