Is there any food that can not be stored in the freezer?

The freezer is a food savior’s best friend. Or at least one of them. It prolongs the life of food that is about to go bad in your fridge, that has been dumpster dived or saved in any other way. But for how long can things actually be stored in the freezer? And are there any products that shouldn’t even be put there? Let ‘s find out!

In an atmosphere with degrees below zero, micro organisms can not multiply, so in other words, it is never dangerous to eat food that has been frozen for a long time, even years. This goes for all food, fresh as well as cooked. (Do notice, though, that the micro organisms stop multiplying, they do not die, so you can not make food that has gone bad edible again by freezing it.) The quality, consistency and flavour can, however, change if the food is frozen for a longer period of time and products with a high level of fat can get rancid, but it is still not unhealthy to eat it.

To keep the quality for as long as possible, remember to put the goods in a well sealed packaging and with as little oxygene as possible as it could affect the level of vitamins and the rancid process. It could also be good to keep in mind that liquids expand when frozen, so for that reason it is not the best idea to put fresh eggs in the freezer. Speaking of water, another thing to remember is that vegetables that are low in water usually maintain the quality and consistency better than those that are high in water.

When defrosting your food, it is recommended to make it a slow process, in that way the food maintains its texture and liquids. So remember to move the tofu, vegetables or lunchbox from the freezer to the fridge the night before you are planning to eat it.

Even if food in theory can be stored forever in degrees below zero, this only applies as long as the freeze chain has not been broken, meaning that it is not recommended to refreeze food once it has been defrosted.

So, then, just go ahead and start freezing, no need to feel unsure. The only thumb rule that we want to suggest when it comes to food that you suspect probably has been lying there for many years: taste it before you waste it.

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