BFC will be part of the Gssons Möbler Sustainability Event

Gssons Möbler is organizing a sustainability event this coming autumn starting in the middle of September until the end of October. During the event, various environmentally friendly and sustainable ideas, projects and products will be presented,  to inspire people in Uppsala to engage in a more sustainable lifestyle. Many companies, artists and organisations related to sustainability will show their products/projects and take a chance to spread their vision.

Bruised Food Club will be part of it! We will hold our weekly market @ “Idé hubben” (Kungsängsgatan 10) for the time of the event. Don’t miss it!

We are also organizing an arts contest and have an exhibition @ “Idé hubben” with the best pieces displayed. The theme of the art circles all around “The Hidden World of Food Waste”. 

Food waste is all around us: omnipresent and yet so invisible. 
Discarded, and yet holding potential. 
Gross to some, a treasure to others. 
What do you see in the Hidden World of food waste? 

Do you want to be part of the exhibition? Don’t hesitate to submit your art work: photos, paintings, whatever comes to your mind when you think of food waste! You can either email your art piece(s) or hand them over to a volunteer at our weekly market on Fridays. 

See you at the event!

Article by Lenni, August 2021.

Published by bruisedfoodclubuppsala

Non-profit organisation that saves food, reduces food waste and hunger and promotes sustainable food consumption.

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