Launch of the BFC website!


We are glad you found your way here. This is the first website of Bruised Food Club. We worked hard to provide a platform to share everything about food saving, and we are proud to show you what we are doing to tackle the problem of food waste.

Here you can get insights into our work, get to know our team and trace back BFC’s story on our timeline. On our blog we will give you updates on BFC and post useful recipes and hacks for a more sustainable relationship with food. You are not sure yet why food waste is such a big issue? Check out our section on food waste! You wonder what BFC actually achieves? We created an Impact Report 2020 to be transparent about this. Last but not least: You can register for our market on our website!

Excited? Start exploring our content!

Published by bruisedfoodclubuppsala

Non-profit organisation that saves food, reduces food waste and hunger and promotes sustainable food consumption.

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